Aguipo Global South Journal (AGSJ)

About the Journal

The Aguipo Global South Journal (AGSJ) is an open access academic online journal managed by the ALL UP Academic Employees Union (AUPAEU) of the University of the Philippines Cebu chapter, published annually every October. It publishes articles that advance theoretical, empirical, and methodological studies focusing on but not limited to decolonial scholarship, destratification, democratization of social knowledge production, and social emancipation vis-à-vis the lingering effects of (neo)colonialism. The journal encourages submissions from Filipino and Global Southern scholars in the university and civil society organizations and other institutions that discuss conventional scholarship, propose novel ways of understanding current social concerns, and foster conversations across disciplines. All manuscripts are double-blind peer reviewed. Likewise, AGSJ publishes book reviews, reports, interviews, and commissioned commentaries.

The journal warmly accepts contributions in both regular and special issues from scholars, academics, educators, and activists who are engaged in the theorizing of issues and social movements in the Global South with the goal of offering fresh, innovative, and radical ideas helpful in the project of epistemological and social emancipation of the peoples of the Global South.

As an open access online academic journal, AGSJ acknowledges that all knowledge should be freely accessible, given their social character. All articles published by the journal are fully accessible online without a subscription fee. Further, the journal does not require any publication fee from its authors.

Aims and Scope

AGSJ seeks to publish the most original contributions in the fields of Global South and decolonial scholarship. It accepts contributions from scholars, academics, educators, and activists that analyze Global South issues from the perspectives of sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, political science, gender studies, history, literature, political economy, communication studies, theology, and other related fields in the social sciences and the humanities. The journal encourages potential authors to submit not only original works but also interventions that engage with concrete Global South concerns and their social movements with the view of offering alternatives to the current hegemonic (neo)colonial frameworks and practices. Undergraduate and graduate students are also encouraged to submit to the journal.

The journal currently accepts submissions using either English, Filipino, or Bisaya.

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Volume 2 (2023)